MEP Drawing on our extensive development and MEP expertise, we provide detailed estimating to validate a proposed project. By producing a conceptual development budget before a client invests significant time and money pursuing a project, we enable them to focus their resources on the most promising opportunities and we dig deep to identify potential issues or misalignments with our client’s goals.


Drawing validation and value engineering can enhance project planning by providing detailed cost estimates and schedules as they advance through design and entitlements and this leads to identify cost or risk reduction opportunities.


HVAC / Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical/HVAC engineering services apart is the high value engineering solution that best fits them for their specific project. Design And Drawing Solution ( D & D ) mechanical engineers strive to understand each owner’s needs early in a project, then use their vast experience to identify a mechanical engineering solution that best fits those unique needs. Our mechanical engineers work closely with facility staff to integrate their design standards and equipment preferences into the solution, while also identifying value-added options for consideration when we deem appropriate. We work closely with the architect to document key elements that might impact engineering design, avoiding surprises later in the project.

We leverage design technologies such as BIM, energy modeling and several internally developeddesign tools to create engineered solutions that are uniquely DesignAnd Drawing Solution . We pride ourselves on collaborating effectively with installing contractors, which results in systems which are both more constructible and maintainable. Mechanical Engineering services as follows .

  • Analysis of Building thermal loads
  • Energy Modeling
  • Optimized Equipment selection
  • Plant room layouts
  • Schematics drawings - chilled water, condenser water system,
  • Air Distribution system
  • Heat Recovery & TFA
  • VAV, VFD
  • Humidification and Dehumidification.
  • Ventilation and exhaust system for basement .
  • Smoke Extraction &Pressurization System
  • Kitchen & Toilet Exhaust

Plumbing /Hydraulic Engineering

Design And Drawing Solution (D &D ) is always coming up with the most practical and cost effective Plumbing /hydraulic design solutions when planning drainage , water and gas services for building project . Our Plumbing engineers have over 10 years’ experience in the plumbing drainage ,water supply & gas systems. Their specialist experience puts them at the forefront of innovative design solutions for hydraulic design . Their focus – and a key motivation behind Fluid’s success – is to ensure the plumbing design step is seamless for Architects, Construction Companies and Clients.

We leverage design technologies such as BIMand several internally developed design tools to create engineered solutions that are uniquely in Design and Drawing Solution. We pride ourselves on collaborating effectively with installing contractors, which results in systems which are both more constructible and maintainable. Plumbing engineering covers as follows

  • Water Demand for Domestic, Flush water
  • Hydraulic piping design for water supply and Drain
  • Water tanks sizing
  • Storm water systems with Harvesting technologies
  • Drainage - Soil, Waste & Vent Systems
  • Cold water systems
  • Hot water system
  • Gas System
Special Plumbing System
  • STP – Sewage Treatment Plant
  • WTP – Water Treatment Plant
  • Swimming Pool treatment Plant
  • Medial Gas system

Fire Protection Engineering

Fire protection and life safety systems are an integral part in building design and Design And Drawing Solution provides innovative solutions for complex fire protection design challenges.

Our fire protection design engineers have spent many years perfecting their services by navigating the intricacies of building and fire code regulations through managing, handling and solving a variety of fire protection projects. D&D has a team Experience Engineers who provide code consulting for fire system design, hydraulics calculations.

Whether you are a building owner, insurance carrier, systems manufacturer, architect, developer, engineer or general contractor, Design and drawing solution Engineering services will help you identify savings and risks, keep you informed, save you time, and ensure code compliance.

Fire Fighting Systems
  • Fire water capacity
  • Fire Pumps
  • Sprinkler System
  • Hydrant system
  • Water Curtains & Drencher Systems
  • Gas Based , Foam Based protection system
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Code compliance Assessment
Fire Detection System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Public Address System
  • Smoke Detection System

Electrical Engineering

Design and Drawing solution experienced electrical engineers understand the importance of balancing cost, reliability, and flexibility for future growth. Our ability to listen and collaborate with owners, architects, and facility staff helps us deliver a design that unites aesthetics and function.

We believe in being a partner with our clients throughout the entire project, from the beginning design concepts all the way through construction to the finish line.  We strive to document all key elements for a complete engineering design helping avoid surprises later in the project.  We value the importance of working with installing contractors to assure the constructability of our design.

We have a wide range of experience from small office renovations to high rise buildings to entire college campuses, which allows us to help our clients find the right solution to fit their unique needs. We understand that energy costs and sustainability are important to our clients.  We leverage our experience with green building requirements and load analysis to determine opportunities for energy savings.

Electrical Engineering covers as follows
  • Electrical Load Estimation
  • Receiving Station and Substation Design
  • Switch Gears and Panels
  • Electrical Equipment’s Selection like Transformer ,DG sets, AMF panel .
  • Power Distribution (HT/LT)
  • Lighting Design and Emergency Lighting
  • Voltage drop, Shor circuit calculations
  • cable sizing and Breaker sizing and Bus Ducts.
  • Distribution Boards
  • Earthing systems
  • Lightning Protection System.
  • UPS & battery system
  • Power factor correction systems
  • Solar Power Plants and Distribution & Solar Lighting
Extra Low Voltage( ELV ) Systems
  • Telephones , Data
  • CCTV System
  • Access control Door system
  • integrated Building Management System

External / UG Utilities Engineering

Design and Drawing solution experiencedMEP engineers understand the importance site utility systems with balancing cost, reliability, and flexibility for future growth. Our ability to listen and collaborate with owners, landscape architects, and facility staff helps us deliver a design that unites aesthetics and function.

Site Utilities means improvements and infrastructure that facilitate the distribution and collection of public utility services, including water facilities, fire hydrants, sanitary sewer facilities and stormwater facilities (including catchment, conveyance, treatment and storage facilities such as tanks and ponds.

Basic site utilities covers with the following
  • Designs of culverts
  • Design of storm water drainage network integrated with Harvesting system
  • Design of Sewer Network
  • External Electrical System Designing
  • Gas Network designing
  • Fire-fighting designing:

MEP Codes and Standards

Our team having main strength is depth knowledge of National and International standards for MEP systems as follows.

Mechanical Codes - NBC , ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, SMACNA , AS1668.2 – 2012, AS 4254.2-2012

Plumbing Codes - NBC IPC , ASPE ,AS3500

Electrical Codes - NBC NFPA70 – NEC

Fire Protection - NBC NFPA -1, 13, 14

Basic site utilities covers with the following
  • Designs of culverts
  • Design of storm water drainage network integrated with Harvesting system
  • Design of Sewer Network
  • External Electrical System Designing
  • Gas Network designing
  • Fire-fighting designing:

Project Methodology

Design Intend

Design And Drawing Solution Engineering services integrated with 3D Services and providing assistance with high quality, cost effective and time bound services for each project delivery .

  • We consider each project as unique project and provide cost effective, functional, sustainable by design, and code compliant solution suitable for that project in line with clients specific input parameters.
  • We provide integration 3D services to apply smooth co-ordination .
  • We have Strong Engineering and Drafting team BIM and CAD process to execute the project efficiently .
  • We values in all phases of the project
  • We deliver our deliverables in line with the requirement of the project.
  • One stop services for MEP Engineering &BIM .

DBR & Schematic ( Planning Stage )

The Intent of this Design Basis Report (DBR) of MEP systems is to descriptively provide the proposals of Design for Mechanical, Electrical, ELV, Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineering services for the specific Project.

DBR is been prepared the complete basic information of proposed system for a particular building and project and always include the basic calculation like major equipment details like water tank, pumps .chiller& Transformer with DG .

DBR will have proposed MEP system brief with basic calculation & required schematic .

Sr. No Mechanical Calculation Plumbing Calculation Fire Protection Electrical Calculation
1 Heat Load Calculation , Equipment sizing and space clearances Water demand Calculation , Tank Sizing , Equipment capacities and Space clearances Water Demand , Tank Sizing , Equipment capacities and Space clearances Electrical Load calculation , Equipment capacities and space clearances
2 Required Shaft /Cut-out Details Required Shaft /Cut-out Details Required Shaft /Cut-out Details Required Shaft /Cut-out Details

Detail Design calculation

DD (Detail Design) stage is to describe the schematic with all the information line sizes and capacity of each elements of MEP systems. Design Engineering team use to produce the detail calculation for sizing with all unit capacity for drafting the detail drawings. Following calculations to be submitted in the process of detail engineering.

Sr. No Mechanical Calculation Plumbing Calculation Fire Protection Electrical Calculation
1 Static Pressure Calculation for Mechanical Units Pump Head Pump Head Detail Load report , Transformer , DG and DB sizing
2 Pump Head Drainage Fixture , Storm drain Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Cable Sizing
3 Duct Sizing Water supply Fixture Pressure , PRV calculation Voltage Drop
4 Pipe Sizing External Drainage Orifice plate Calculation Short Circuit , Earthing Strip

Detail Drawing ( 50 % & 100 % Detail Drawing )

DD (Detail Design) stage is to describe the schematic with all the information line sizes and capacity of each elements of MEP systems. Also to prepare the plans with all information like the size and routine with detail sections, required cutouts and capacities. MEP systems detail drawing always a package of plan, schematic drawings with detail calculation like pipe , duct size , pressure calculation and cable sizes etc. .Basically the MEP elements to specify in details plans and schematic.

100 % Detail drawings sets are consist with following

1. Legend & Notes
2. Detail Schematic with sizing
3. Floor Plans & required sections
4. Details drawings system wise
5. Equipment Schedule

BOQ with Specification ( Tender Document )

Approved DD drawings can be proceeded for quantification and tendering stages. Based on the approved Detail drawing, quantity of all elements of MEP systems generated which called BOQ (Bill of Quantity). And specify all equipment’s, elements and accessories is called the specification. Tender package is always release with approved



An expert project review is a quality review of a design professional’s drawing package and/or reports by a MEP Engineering Professionals . By having an independent party look at the drawings, it allows for calculations, design intent, and clarity of described scope to be peer reviewed. This ensures that during the cheapest portion of a project (engineering / design), that the scope is clarified and design intent to be corrected.

Without expert review, it could be expensive to remedy an incorrect design as products are purchased and sometimes installed. This not only costs money, but hurts the delivery schedule and causes disciplines not involved in the error to potentially be affected by re-work.

Project design review by the expertise engineers to identify the errors and proposed solution to rectify the design intent for suitability of the end use and constructability

Project review by the project director / Project in charge who is responsible the project construction execution .


An independently reviewed package where design professionals agree that the scope is clear, design is sound, and all is ready to be constructed. You can take comfort in that your project should have minimal ‘in the field’ changes. Also, your construction estimates should have competitive pricing as the amount of assumptions that a construction professional has to guess regarding the scope. These guesses can lead to costly change orders in the field.


The main purpose of design code is to provide minimum requirement for safety of resources which will ensure the execution of the work as per compliance. Any code for EngineeringDesign specifies minimum standards required for execution of the work as per codes applicable to that design. In general following codes are followed for MEP system design .

Mechanical Codes:-ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, SMACNA , AS1668.2 – 2012, AS 4254.2-2012

Plumbing Codes:-IPC , ASPE ,AS3500

Electrical Codes:-NFPA70 – NEC

Fire Protection:-NFPA -1, 13, 14


Design and Drawing Solution has a thorough understanding of system designs that incorporate alternative energy and energy conservation technologies. We routinely perform energy modeling to evaluate opportunities to increase energy conservation (this modeling energy audit is a required element for Green Buildings ) , Most importantly, D & D consulting engineers can advise you on how to maximize energy conservation benefits on your sustainable design project, giving you the opportunity to meet Green Building requirements while optimizing life cycle costs. Some of the energy conservation systems we design include: chilled beam technology, geothermal heat pump systems, under floor air distribution systems, thermal storage systems, energy recovery, free cooling systems, energy efficient lighting design, daylight integrating, and effective lighting control strategies.

Through a comprehensive understanding of systems design, D & D incorporates a wide range of energy conservation technologies including the following:

  • Energy modeling to evaluate system alternatives for optimal life cycle performance
  • Minimizing water use and reusing wastewater/gray water
  • Day lighting to enhance the indoor environment and to reduce electric light energy
  • Incorporating renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics and wind energy
  • Documenting facility energy use and occupant comfort through measurement and verification
  • Tracking performance trends to maintain optimum system performance throughout the life of the facility
  • Formal commissioning to confirm that systems are performing in accordance with the design intent and to verify maintainability of systems – for both new and existing buildings.


Updating of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP) systems as part of a major renovation or capital planning makes sense—if it’s done right. D &D can help building owners make informed decisions on when and how to replace systems, based on a thorough study of the existing infrastructure and building requirements. We’re proud that the owners of Boston’s largest mixed-use development chose C3 to study its central power plant to inform its long-term capital planning, then hired us to engineer its replacement


Our experienced engineering team performs a comprehensive study to assess the existing equipment’s actual remaining lifespan—not just what the book says it should be. Then we prepare a detailed report examining all the pros and cons, and options for replacing the equipment—including the cost of replacement, the risks of waiting, and the potential disruption during installation. We know that simply replacing the equipment in kind is not always the best approach. This assessment includes as follows

  • Technical feasibility Study
  • Financial feasibility
  • Techno-economic feasibility study
  • Techno -economic viability study
  • Expansion study
  • Diversification
  • Bench marking


Our experience team do the details study of the drawings and site report and once the study is complete, D & D can put the replacement plan in motion. This offers the advantage of having the same experienced professionals who conducted the feasibility study perform the engineering and manage the bidding and installation of the new systems. Throughout the process, our goal is to deliver an MEP systems that meets current and future needs while minimizing risk, operational costs and disruption. Execution on the plan of any project can be done based on following assessment criterion

  • Existing plant details
  • Assessment of plant and equipment
  • Technical evaluation of unit
  • Financial evaluation

CEO Previous Career Landmark MEP Engineering Project .

He had engaged in his past career more than 100 different building Projects in Mumbai, Gulf and provided MEP engineering consulting services for prestigious Client like India bulls ,Lodha , Oberoi , DLF , K Raheja ,Reliance & Architect like Sanjay Puri , Hafeez Contractor , Hiten Sethi , Qutubmandiwalaetc

Land mark project like – IN Mumbai :- Sky towers , SBUT all clusters including Infrastructure , Airoli Mindspace , Relaince Twin Tower , Gulf – KKMC – 500 beds, Kingdom Tower